Chat Etiquette

In order to keep our chat room fun, friendly, and enjoyable for ALL players, Bingo Bar enforces the following considerations for our players.

Respect your CM ~ she is there to make chat enjoyable for you!

Please always have respect for our CM’s authority.

Please remember that our CM’s are human too! A chat room takes a lot of concentration and sometimes the CM may be addressing other issues or playing a busy special and may miss players entering chat, or a question being asked.  If you have asked a question or missed her greeting, please wait a minute… and ask her again when you feel she is ready.

If you would like to express your praise for or concerns about a CM, please write to the Chat Manager at

Respect your roomies!!!

We were all new to bingo at one time, so please make all our new roomies feel welcome and at home. We all look forward to those warm welcomes!

We all want to be winners, but players should always be considerate of other’s feelings when they are on a “winning streak!” Please do not make negative comments to or about their winning streak which could make them feel bad for their good fortune!

General Chat Rules

1. Respect the CM and her authority at all times. If a CM’s ability to perform her job is affected by a player, the player could lose their chat privileges.

2. Please do not ask other players for money or Gift Certificates! This is not allowed and can result in losing your chat privileges.

3. Please do not type in caps in the chat room unless requested to do so by the CM.

4. Choose user name wisely and keep it appropriate. You will be asked to change it if our Chat Manager feels it could be offensive.

5. No impersonating of any other player will be permitted.

6. No harassment, arguing, or disrespectful attitudes towards other players or any CM. We are all here to enjoy the game!

7. Keep it OUT of Chat! It disrupts chat when you have a complaint or a concern! Please be considerate of the CM and do not complain to her about something she really cannot do anything about! Complaints or concerns are to be directed by email to Please keep it OUT of chat.

8. Please do not endorse, solicit, or promote any other sites in private or open chat. We ask you to show respect to the site you are playing at!

9. No language that can be considered rude or offensive will be allowed in chat. Please keep our chat room clean!

10. Comments regarding multiple bingo wins, amount of cards someone is playing, or any other negative comments are considered rude and inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Please demonstrate good sportsmanship and courtesy at all times to all bingobar players!

11. No racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs will be allowed in chat!

Failure to abide by the above rules could result in loss of chat privileges, either temporarily, or permanently.